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Workshop Leaders

Workshop Leaders

Dr. Harlan Ullman

Dr. Ullman is a thought leader and strategic innovator with experience in war, peace and in between as a Swift Boat skipper in Vietnam in over 150 combat missions and as captain of a destroyer in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean. Shock and awe; a brains based approach to strategic thinking; and the new MAD--Massive Attacks of Disruption are among his more creative concepts. The Killowen Group, of which Dr. Ullman is a founder, provides strategic advice to heads of government and industry.

Colonel James Cheney

Colonel James Cheney is a U.S. Army foreign area officer (FAO) with expertise and experience in Russia and Eurasia. As a FAO, Col Cheney has served at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, United States Army Europe, U.S. European Command, and the U.S. Office of Defense Cooperation for Belgium, the European Union, and Luxembourg. At CSIS, Col Cheney's interests focus in planning, strategy, the twenty-first century security environment, and seam issues involving Russia and the Pacific.

Eric Brewer

Mr. Brewer is a deputy director and senior fellow with the Project on Nuclear Issues at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). He specializes in nuclear proliferation, Iran, and North Korea. Prior to joining CSIS, Mr. Brewer was a 2018-2019 Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs fellow at the Center for a New American Security.

Ian Williams

Mr. Williams is a fellow at CSIS and deputy director of the Missile Defense Project, where he specializes in missile defense and strategic forces, missile proliferation, and deterrence. In 2017, Mr. Williams co-authored the major CSIS study Missile Defense 2020, an extensive analysis of U.S. homeland missile defense. Prior to joining CSIS, he was director of advocacy at the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance.

Major Tony Formica

Major Formica commissioned in 2009 from West Point as an infantry lieutenant; during his service he deployed in support of Operations Enduring freedom, Atlantic Resolve, and Atlantic Sentry. He is a graduate of the Yale Jackson Institute where his studies focused on understanding the influence of social media usage on individual cognition and emotions and using those insights to try to predict extremist violence.

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