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"This was the most helpful professional development I have ever engaged in, and I don't say that lightly".

"I definitely understand and have a greater appreciation for the profession I am about to enter. Thank you Yale NROTC!"

"There are few opportunities that you will get to visit another university's campus and learn from such incredible people."

Mission Statement

Now in its fifth year, the Yale NROTC Leadership Conference seeks to bring together students of military and civilian backgrounds in order to inspire early cooperation and understanding between both groups while cultivating the tools, skills, and strategy for successful leadership.



The Yale NROTC Leadership Conference connects leaders in their fields to students from universities around the country to discuss what role leadership has in a rapidly changing world and to allow for students to learn and improve upon leadership and character development. The Yale NROTC Leadership Conference is the premiere leadership conference in the Northeast and provides a unique forum to facilitate discussions amongst students, academics, and professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and fields regarding relevant topics in leadership and the military. The conference is run and sponsored by the Yale NROTC Undergraduate Association, an organization run by Yale College students. 


Participants will be able to attend two panels (Intelligence Community Panel and Allied Officer Panel) and four workshops while also interacting with the Yale campus. The content of the conference will be tailored to a general audience rather than a strictly military one and ultimately is an opportunity to learn from military, academic, and industry leaders.  This year, we will take a close look at the challenges of strategic leadership, and the principles and practices that facilitate leadership in difficult circumstances. 


This year's conference is Friday, April 3rd and Saturday, April 4th, 2019 at Yale University. 

55 Whitney Avenue, Suite 430

New Haven, CT 06510  |  yalenrotcleadershipconference@gmail.com

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